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Lord Shiva Wallpapers,Shambhu,Hindu God Rudra,Sivalinga,Parvati,Sadashiva

Beautiful spiritual wallpapers of Lord Shiva on this shivaratri which every devotee and worshipper of siva will like.Third God of the Hindu Trinity and followers of Shaivism pray and meditate on form of sada siva.We have on our site lord shiva Pictures for ipad,lord shiva Wallpaper for windows vista, lord shiva Pics fr mobile phones, lord shiva Photo for windows 7, Lord Shiva images for linux. Mahesha is seated on Mount Kailas,forhead is decorated with the moon, king of serpents as a crown and who uphold sacred river ganga on his matted hairs is to be worshipped. According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva is the God of all Gods as mentioned in the sacred scriptures of India. He is omnipotent, and is the source of all power in the Galaxy or Universe. He is also called as the destroyer of illusion or evil. The matted hair represents Lord Shiva's connection with the wind and Brahma's breath of life. Lord Shiva is also the master of hatha yoga and meditation and all secrets of tantra too and gave all this widom and knowledge to his first disciple Ma parvati. In this form of meditation, you meditate on Lord Siva as the Supreme Brahman Lord Shiva or shivalinga. Lord Shiva Weapon  is Trishulam & through his Third eye of wisdom he destroys desire or lust and illusion or ignorance. Lord Shiva Maha Mantra is :Om Namaha Shivaya" Download free best quality lord shambhu wallpapers, lord Rudra photos with his family of ganesha,kartikeya and nandi alsong with bhutagana.

ganesha,pavati,shiva,Har Har Mahadev

mahadev,siva,jyotirlinga kedarnath,bhole baba,bhole nath

lord shiva backgrounds,Maha mrityunjay

om sada shiva,Mahesh, Sankara is Hindu god Shiv ji

lord shiva linga,Shambhu,PRADOSH VRAT is the worship of Lord Shiva and Parvati

lord shiva fmaily,ganesha,nandi,parvati,

lord shiva pictures,mahashivratri,Hindu God Rudra

lord shiva wallpapers mobile phones ipad,shiva parvati idols

Lord shiv Wallpapers for your laptops and notebooks. lord shiv ji pics in meditation, shiva photos with family, shiv parvati wall paper, lord shiva with ganesha photos, shiva pictures angry iamges you can download directly to your macintosh computers.भगवान् शंकर Android Wallpaper and for iPhone resolutions: 320 x 480 .

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